Featured Services


– Best Practices  
Configure from the ground up by our wellness experts, using best practices to meet all of your short and long term health goals.

– Engaging User Experience  
Motivate and support your employees on their wellness journey with coaching, incentives, gamification, mobile optimization, social networking and rewards.

– Craft & Communicate  
Chat with users, encourage and motivate through conversation, conduct employee surveys and communicate success.

– Multi-Lingual  
We value the ability to communicate - thus we currently cater to a variety of different languages including English and Spanish.

– Driven by Data
Our corporate wellness strategists monitor your trends in engagement and claims data, to drive lasting healthy behaviors.

– Challenges  
We integrate with all the popular apps and devices. This allows us to create individual and team based challenges that engage every employee at their point of readiness.

– Learn & Inspire  
We provide ongoing inspirational messaging as well as monthly newsletters, to keep everyone on track and on the right path.

– Secure & Protect  
Gain privacy and security practices that satisfy even the toughest standards - used by governments, banks and leading companies.